Residential Solutions - The flexible solution for Residental Let Property

Residential Solutions
The flexible solution for Residential Let Property

Residential Solutions is a new flexbile contract offering cover for a range of residental property owners risks.

Wide Tenant Acceptance
Our most flexible contract in terms of tenant acceptibility, not only just providing cover for Professional, Student and DSS tenants but also Housing Associations, Council Support and larger HMOs.

Grade 2 Listed Property
We can automatically accept Grade 2 and 2* Listed property (Grade B and C) and long as your client ensures that the reinstatement cost is sufficient to rebuild the property due any special features of the listing.

Unoccupied Properties & Property being Worked Upon
This flexible policy also extends to cover unoccupied property, whether it be for sale or pending let, providing three levels of cover.  We also extend to provide cover for property being worked upon including a element of Contract Works cover too.
Short Period
Flexible Options
We can now issue cover on a short period basis, from 1 to 11 months, on this contract. (Subject to £100 minimum - No Refund Available)

Significant Benefits include:

  • All Risks Cover
  • Malicious Damage by Tenants included (Subject to tenant type)
  • Trace and Access cover (upto £ 25,000)
  • £5m Property Owners Liability Cover
  • Loss of Rent Cover included upto 30% of Buildings
  • Emergency Access cover upto £5,000
  • Replacement Locks up to £10,000 per incident
  • Easy "Statement of Fact" Basis of Contract

Our levels of policy cover can be compared with our other Property Owners contracts "at a glance" by using our comparison chart available as a download via this website. (link to the right)

For further details why not download a copy of our KeyFacts Document, or policy wording, you'll find a link on the right hand side.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact a member of our dedicated underwriting team.